The project is ideally adapted to the difficult terrains of the place. During designing, the hill on the land is preserved as much as possible. The house stands on an elevated site, which allows it to be separated from the road. By the architectural decision, there are two ways of getting into the house, first one is by the staircase, by which you go up to the yard. The other entrance is from the garage. Where, in addition to the parking lot, there is a room for service personnel with a bathroom and storage rooms. The house is distinguished by a special architecture, at first glance, you might think that it consists of several parts, but in fact it is one whole, very cohesive and conceptual building that blends into the relief environment. The upper part of the house is outstanding. Geometric shapes on the roof of the house, in the interior, create a kind of lanterns of light, from which daylight and sunlight enter the house throughout the day. On the firs t hand, large stained - glass windows on the side of the yard and the street make the house bright and sunny, and on the other hand, they provide a means of sharing the greenness and coziness of the yard with those in the house. There are stained glass windows on the facade from the street side, on both floors. On the first floor, there is a living room with a view of the street, and on the second floor is a work space, where the views from the stained glass also play a big role in creating a comfortable environment for working as well as relaxing. One of the most superb spaces in the house is the fireplace room, which is open to the side of the yard and fully merges with nature, its roof is also different, the room has a glass roof, which is also effectively perceived on the top view of the house. technical characteristics of a residential building /Plot area: 28470 sq.m/Building area: 718.5 sq.m/Living area: 631 sq.m/Terraces area: 206.2 sq.m/Roof area: 698.9 sq.m/Area of facade cladding with wood: 1222.05 sq.m/Total glazing area: 331.97 sq.m/