ZESAKHLI is a collaborative, interdisciplinary bureau established in 2014. Formed by professional stuff of architects, designers and engineers, it works in the sphere of construction, development, architecture, urban planning and design.

Each project is being discussed based on individual approach. Studio considers client’s views, requirements and existing environmental conditions. Then, applies the existing context to the architectural experience, and interprets materials in a conceptual way.

ZESAKHLI creates architecture of the future, which will be trendy for following 50, 100 years. The main goal is to gain minimalism and briefness even in neutral environment. Also, harmoniously merge with landscape and take into consideration ideas of green architecture.

Often people are scared of minimalist style, they tend to think, that the space will look empty and cold. In reality, minimalism is associated with peacefulness and refinement. In such interior, colors, lighting and furniture play an important role. Here, small details play significant role and represent one big picture in different manner. Minimalism makes the space look bigger and frees the interior from chaos. There everything has its place and nothing is unnecessary.

Modern world is rather chaotic, with noisy streets, traffic, colorful advertisement banners many things attract your attention during the day. Minimalism with its linear, calm, limited colors is the ideal way to escape from chaos. While at home you have to rest! They often refer to home as second soul of the human – this is a place, which defines the quality of our communication with the world. Our body finds its continuation in architectural forms, relates to the history, feels future, light and landscape.

*WE WORK GLOBALLY* We create a space for relaxation, work and comfortable family life.