The house in the village of Navazi was specially created for the Georgian artist Luka Lazareishvili. The village of Navazi is located in the north-eastern part of the country. The nature is suitable, harsh and picturesque. We have thought of a suitable house design for the pure geometric shape of the 2500 sq.m. plot and almost flat terrain. This is the case when architecture and nature meets. The house has a simple and elegant design, with high ceilings, large open spaces and stained glass windows, that run directly into the eye-catching green courtyard. The building is divided into three parts. The first part includes living space: Living room, kitchen and dining room are combined. The main room meets a wide and long hall, which is conceived as an exhibition space. from this hall it is possible to get to four bedrooms that have their own bathrooms and dressing rooms. The second part belongs to the spa area. The pool, shower, sauna and gym are simple and functionally designed. The third part is entirely occupied by the art workshop. Depending on the customer's profession and requirements, we have combined the workshop, cellar and warehouse into one space. The exterior of the house seems to be plain and simple, but this simplicity is what fills the environment. Roof-mounted solar panels make the house energy efficient. Based on all the above, we can freely say that the house in the village of Navazi is a project that organically merges with the environment.