Nowadays, a house outside the city is a sign of a luxury. There is to much time and expenses necessary to buy a plot, prepare development project and start construction. So, like the optimal option, we offer a plot with a finished project. The industrial style house in Nafetvrebi is designed for those who want to get away from the chaos of the city and unwind in the fresh air. Strict, minimalist and coziness - these are the main features that will help you feel calm and comfortable. The geometric shapes of the exterior blend harmoniously with the environment, while the practically developed and planned yard allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of the exteriors. Due to the difficult terrain, the planning of the house is originally decided. The diversity of the landscape allowed us to design the house on 3 levels. The first level includes the hall, living room and kitchen, the second and third levels have bedrooms, bathrooms and an inner yard. The combination of wood, stone and glass creates a feeling of coziness. The open parking lot in the yard shows the fa├žade of the house differently. Cozy house, quiet environment and fresh air - the best solution for a comfortable life.