A house that breathes – the first impression we get when we see the project. The house is located in Kaklebi settlement, Tbilisi, Georgia. The visual side of the house is quite sophisticated, plain and minimalistic. The building spread on one level is simple at first glance, but doesn’t genius lie in simplicity? The shape and parameters of the plot allowed us to design the house on one level. The interior is so practically planned, that every space has its own meaning and function. The house includes 3 bedrooms, with bathrooms and wardrobes, children’s room, large living room with dining area, kitchen, study with bathroom, boiler and storage rooms, bathroom for guests and extra shower for those who want to use it before and after the pool. You can also find an ancillary building in the yard, that includes a garage and several additional rooms. The whiteness of the façade, the simple and elegant shape of the pool blends so organically with nature, that it can be said without exaggeration – this project is truly a work of art!