The house is designed in Betania, Georgia. The area is developed and belongs to the resort area. Due to the difficult terrain, the house was designed so that it has two floors from the upper road and three floors from the lower road. On the first floor of the house there is a sauna, shower, bathroom, kitchen, cellar and boiler. This floor allows you to reach the terrace, the outdoor pool and the courtyard, which is planned in a terrace style. We go up to the second floor with both external and internal stairs. This floor is planned as follows: living room, dining room and kitchen are united in one space, bathroom, several pantry and storage rooms, as well as, entertainment room. On the third floor there are four bedrooms with their own bathrooms, one independent bathroom and the office practically arranged in the hall. The roof of the house is non-standard, sloping, which is very original, it presents the house in a different and unique way. The yard of the house is sloping, the difference from the terrace to the lower mark is about two meters. We used this factor positively and practically created the yard design. The shape of the roof of the house and the relief of the yard complement each other and form a single composition. The project is completely decided in white, the fa├žade of the house is covered with square profiled blinds. The combination of color and material creates a feeling of lightness, which brings the architecture to the level of emotional perception.