Building area 520 m2

The project is an individual private house in Russia, 90 kilometers from Moscow. In the cottage village of Istra named - Lake Side. The settlement has its own development plan, which defines the architectural style of the house, the flooring, as well as the design of the fence. The presented project goes far beyond the plan of settlement, is out of style and is the unconditional dominant of the given environment. The owner of the house is a famous Russian photographer. Depending on the customer's profession, the main goal was to design a design that would reflect his personality, as well as be practical and comfortable. The house is two-storey, on the ground floor (living space 200 sq.m, terrace 70 sq.m). Ground floor includes living room, kitchen, dining room, spa area (with its meditation space), which is connected with the owner's bedroom with a wide hall. The second floor (living space 50 sq.m, terrace 200 sq.m) is for guests. Two independent guest bedrooms, that have their own balconies. The small amount of furniture, items and decorations in the house creates a feeling of coziness, order and clean environment. Minimalism, space and simplicity - these are the three main points of this project.