During the development of the house, the nature and landscape of the village of Teni, centuries - old pine trees and fresh air are taken into account, which really makes this village stand out among the suburbs of Moscow. It is a two - story house with natural wood and metal elements, large stained glass windows and verandas on the second floor. Metal sliding wardrobes on the first floor are an ideal solution if you wish to have open stained - glass windows, and if they are closed, the residents of the house will have a feeling of coziness and security. The shutters let in air and light, making it impossible to see from the outside. At the same time, closed wardrobes tie in and integrate with the architecture of the house. Metal plates are also used on the second floor, which is already the original ceiling of the living room. The light entering between the metal plates creates a special environment in the interior. The total area of the house is 450 m2. On the first floor there is a living room, dining room and kitchen, With main bedroom, maid's room and fireplace room. If the stained glass windows are opened, the fireplace room will be integrated with the first floor terrace. The second floor is distinguished by its views of the century - old pine forest. The interior of the house is built on the principles of minimalism and artistry. Author's furniture is designed by ad1369105 - studio. Special emphasis is placed on lighting and sunlight, which originally enters the indoor space during the day. There are several places in the house where daylight enters from two sides, through stained glass windows, which makes the interior brighter and more open .