The facility is located in the historical part of Tbilisi. It is a real monument of cultural heritage. The house was built in 1940-50 and consists of several buildings. The building was a department building from the very beginning. At first, the Ministry of Wood Processing was located, and then in 1970-80, the Tbilisi Scientific-Research Institute of Tool Construction and Automation. At the end of the 20th century, the building was occupied by the United Georgian Bank. Finally, it was owned by VTB Bank. Our goal and mission was to transform the building into a hotel, which included interior reconstruction, renovation, façade rehabilitation, as well as, modification of the inner yard and roof. The most important factor was the façades, because the building is a cultural heritage site. The visual side should not be changed, the authenticity should be preserved, and the customer should be offered a new, modern class hotel, which would be the business card of the historic district. The project area consisted three buildings built in different years. We divided them into blocks A, B and C. The main part is block A. There are rooms for reception, service staff, bathrooms and dining space on the first floor, the other 4 floors belong to the hotel rooms. There are several conference rooms, dining area and bathrooms and hotel rooms in the Block B. The first floor of block C is for restaurant and it’s technical rooms. Such as: kitchen, refrigerators, service rooms, engineering room and hall that leads to the restaurant in the yard. On the other floors of block C, as in the previous two blocks, there are hotel rooms.