House - dominant, this is how we can characterize a project located in Russia, in the Moscow region. The house was designed for a family who decided to replace the chaotic life of the city with an ecological environment. The aesthetic concept of the project was inspired by the beautiful landscape and we tried to integrate the house as much as possible with the environment. One of the challenges for us was the location, we wanted the house to be different and eye - catching, but at the same time, we tried to keep our minimalist and plain style. The house is one storied. The project is functionally divided into two blocks and includes 3 bedrooms, kitchen-dining area, living room, 2 independent bathrooms, sauna with an original bath, several storage room, drying rooms, boiler and a garage. A long, bright hall leads to the master bedroom, which is glazed on both sides and decorated with a beautiful courtyard view. The house also has a large terrace, which is arranged for seasonal use, both for summer and winter, and the fireplace arranged outside is one of the details of creating comfort. Another basic and original solution of the house is the so - called dome - atrium. This certain detail makes the house more different and mysterious. The original design of the house, the quiet yard rich in flora and the location - the three main factors on the basis of which we can say that this project is dominant.